Learning at your own pace - step by step.

When learning from online tutorials and classes, it is sometimes hard to know what level is fitting. Especially in heels-based pole it can be hard to know which class suits one best. Here you find recommended requirements for the classes and tutorials on High on Heels that might help you.


For this level, some heel experience is helpful but not necessary. Moves that should be known are for ex. a Pirouette and Basic Spins. You should be able to lift your own body weight off the ground with both hands on the pole. Being able to Invert is not needed.

For Tricks classes, being able to confidently knee hook (ex. Jasmine) is required. Variations are provided in both re- and progressions so you can learn them step by step or spice them up.

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In this level, solid basic in heels (weight transfer, slides, turns etc.) are recommended as combos are more complex and require more ankle stability, core and ankle strength, though variations will be given. You can find Heels Conditioning Tutorials in the library to upgrade your strength and control.

For Tricks classes you should be able to lift yourself into a controlled invert and be able to knee hook with ease. If specific prerequisites are needed for a class, it will be stated in the description. Moves in Tutorials are broken down step-by-step to help you master them.

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In this level, you should be well experienced in Heel Technique and learning complex sequences.

For Tricks, Inverts like Choppers and Shoulder Mounts should be executed with control. It is helpful to be able to handstand with the pole, however variations will be given so deadlifting into them is not needed.

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In this level you can find Conditioning, Technique, Transition or Floor Flow Tutorials that offer various re- and progressions or are not bound to a certain level.

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